Alb International Aid

About Us

Alb international Aid is a non for profit organisation which operates in England and Albania. Alb International  Aid ‘s work will involve  international fund raising and delivering projects  to help  the most disadvantaged communities in Albania as well as working with Albanian communities in England .


Our Mission

“Working together to fight poverty, contributing towards building strong communities, improving lived by providing a swift tailored service to people in need.”

To fight poverty amongst the most disadvantages groups and areas. To work towards finding ways of developing and strengthening communities. To raise funds and deliver projects that will benefit the poor and disadvantaged groups, as well as develop new initiatives to sustain strong communities. Our main focus will be the challenge against poverty , however  our projects will cover  areas such as , health ,  education , development of communities , social problems , working with disadvantaged groups . Overall our mission is to contribute where the need is the most: Alb –International aid staff   and volunteers believe that this can be achieved by the support and the hard work of everyone involved.


Our values
As an organisation and as individuals we value:

  • Equality :We will work within an equal opportunities policy. We will respect the rights, views and needs of others. Gender Equality will be a strong focus.
  • Professionalism :We will be effective and reliable in our service delivery, We are experienced and knowledgeable about operating in this sector. We will value partnership working and relationships with funders.
  • Empowerment :We will enable others to take responsibility and achieve. We will focus in the most disadvantaged groups.
  • Flexibility :We will respond to a constantly changing environment and adopt accordingly by maintains the focus of the organisation.
  • Collaboration :We will build and maintain a variety of strong relationships and be open and honest in sharing information and skills with partners and members.
  • Transparency :We are going to be transparent in the way how we will spend funds, donations received. Our experience and commitment will make sure that every penny is spent wisely contributing towards changing lives.


What we will do

  • Fundraising
  • Aid Value
  • Work with communities in need  
  • Promoting Social Inclusion ( Disability)
  • Working with Groups with disability needs
  • Educational services
  • Health services
  • Social services
  • Cultural Events
  • Development of Communities
  • Work with our International partners to provide accessible services for  individuals and communities in need
  • Youth out reach
  • Gender justice
  • Climate Change
  • Emergency Response


 Get Involved

 You can get involved by fundraising for Alb International Aid; your fundraising ideas can help change lives.

 For more information on how to apply for fundraising opportunities and volunteering opportunities please do contact us
















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